Unit Recovery for Traditional High Schools

Welcome to the Unit Recovery page for traditional high schools.  This APEX service is available for traditional high schools only.  If you are a teacher at one of the Catoosa County high schools and would like to use unit recovery with your students please complete the information below so that one of our staff members can assist you with setting up the necessary information.

What is Unit Recovery?  Unit Recovery is designed to help students who need an indvidual unit recovered through APEX after working through traditional classroom instruction.  The recovery period is approximately two weeks and completed with the student and primary teacher.  The technology staff assists in the setting up of the unit and providing necessary login information to the core classroom teacher.

How long does Unit Recovery Last?  The process is set up for a two week period.

Where can I find more information about the individual units in a course before I ask for one of them to be assigned to my students?  Please click here to see individual course outlines or contact David Kelley at the Central Office.

How do students complete their work?  Students are expected to login independently during the unit recovery period and complete assignments which includes the printing and completion of written work.  At the end of the unit teachers may have students take the assessment in their classroom or they can let the students complete the assessment independently.

Please click here to complete the Unit Recovery Form

When completed please click submit so that the form can be automatically sent to David Kelley or Dr. Kyra Rhyne.