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Welcome to the COA Course Catalog

The following is a list of courses that students can take in the High School sector of the COA for the 2016-2017 School Year (Middle School courses follow the typical course progression):



  • 9th Grade Literature (CP/Honors)
  • 10th Grade Literature (CP/Honors)
  • American Literature (CP/Honors)
  • English Literature (CP/Honors)
  • Creative Writing 
  • Library Science
  • AP Literature
  • AP Language


  • Algebra I (CP/Honors)
  • Geometry (CP/Honors)
  • Algebra II (CP/Honors)
  • Precalculus (CP/Honors)
  • College Readiness Math
  • Advanced Mathematical Decision Making
  • Math of Personal Finance
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics


  • Physical Science (CP/Honors)
  • Biology (CP/Honors)
  • Chemistry (CP/Honors)
  • Earth Science (CP/Honors)
  • Environmental Science (CP/Honors)
  • Physics (CP/Honors)

Social Studies

  • World History (CP/Honors)
  • US History (CP/Honors)
  • Government (CP/Honors)
  • Economics (CP/Honors)
  • Psychology/Sociology
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Psychology
  • AP World History

World Languages

  • Spanish (I, II, III)
  • AP Spanish/Spanish IV
  • French (I, II, III)


  • Art Appreciation
  • Music Appreciation
  • College and Career Prep I and II
  • PE/Health
  • Multicultural Studies
  • Business Applications


Students who wish to take an Honors or AP course from the available courses need to consult with their home high school counselor or COA Coordinator Dr. Rhyne for determining possible prerequisites.