Student Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How can I tell how I am doing in my classes?  Log in to your APEX dashboard and select Actions.  Click on the drop-down that says View Progress Report.  Click on the blue link that says View under the column titled Activity Scores and Due Dates.

2.  How do I ask my teacher a question or submit work to them.  Login to your APEX dashboard and select plus symbol next to Messages.  When the Message box opens select the teacher, type a subject and message and click the send button.  If you are submitting work click the checkbox below the send button that says Submit Homework.  Please choose the course then the activity and browse to the file.  Once everything is filled in please click the Send button.

3.  My schedule says Study Skills but my Dashboard has classes listed.  Which classes do I complete?  The schedule from your school will say Study Skills until you have completed and passed the courses.  The APEX Dashboard will list the actual classes you need to complete in order to get credit.  Please complete the courses listed on your Dashboard and follow the due dates given by your instructor.  Please let your instructor know if you have questions by sending them a message through the Message function on your Dashboard.

4.  Are monthly meetings required?  Yes, the meetings are required so that teachers can help students succeed in the program.  Students may attend as many office hour meetings as they would like but at least students must come in to the COA lab once per month.  A sign-in sheet is available at the front desk of the lab.

5.  How much time should I expect to work in each course each day?  Students should expect to work an hour per day per course.  This is an average, but overall one hour per day per course is a good goal to budget each day for each COA class taken.

6.  How are progress report and 9 weeks grades calculated?  Just like in a traditional classroom coursework is assigned and expected to be completed by a certain time.  The COA places due dates on assignments so that students know when certain work is expected to be completed.  Students may reference their APEX progress report field Grade to Date in order to gauge their approximate grade for the reporting period.

7.  How are 9 weeks grades calculated toward semester grades and averages?  The progress grade and the 9 week grades are reported from APEX and reflect the progress made at the time of grading. The 9 weeks grades WILL NOT be averaged together to get a final grade. Your final grade will come from the actual scoring of your finished work in APEX. The only time that will change is when your course has an EOCT and will be counted as 20% of your final grade.  The grade in Infinite Campus is for your use to see if you are on schedule. Remember, you have 18 weeks to finish the course and the final grade is what you make on the "quality of work" at the end of all required assignments. This is the grade that will be entered on your transcript.