Application 2017-2018
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Wednesday, July 05, 2017
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Applicant Information


Student’s Home School (HS or MS):______________________      Grade:_________


Student Name:_________________________________________________________


Student Cell Phone:_____________________________________________________


Student Email:__________________________________________________________



Parent/Guardian Name:__________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Phone:______________________________________________________


Parent Email:__________________________________________________________





Courses for COA:     _____________________________________











Parent:______________________________________ Date:______________


Student:_____________________________________ Date:______________


Counselor:___________________________________ Date: _____________


Administrator:_________________________________ Date: ______________




Additional information concerning policies and procedures are listed on the back.

Parents and students must read and initial each one.




Requesting Additional Time to Complete Coursework:    


            Parent Initials:___________        Student Initials:__________________


A request for additional time to complete coursework may be sought in certain circumstances.  The requests for additional time may include, but are not limited to:

·         family or personal emergency

·         documented medical issue/event

·         a federal or state requirement as stated in a 504 or student Individual Educational Plan

·         a specific request from a student's home school’s administrative team  


Requests may not be granted in the spring semester due to closing out a school year and requirements for reporting annual transcripts.  However, a student may petition to attend a summer school credit recovery program.  All requests for additional time have the following stipulations in place:  

1.    The maximum grade earned at the end of the granted additional time period will be a 74.  

2.    Requests must be in writing and provided to the COA administrator no later than 14 days prior to the end of the semester.




EOC Tests and Finals:


Parent Initials:___________        Student Initials:__________________


All students must take all required EOC Georgia Milestones tests and the final for their courses. No student is exempt from either of these tests. EOC assessments are required by the Georgia Department of Education. Finals are part of the APEX curriculum and must be taken in order to receive a grade for the course.




Midterm Progress Conference:


Parent Initials:___________        Student Initials:__________________


All COA students must attend a mid-term progress conference at the COA lab. We encourage parents to attend. The purpose of this conference is to determine each student’s progress. If a student is failing and significantly behind in coursework, COA personnel will determine if the student will continue with COA for the 2nd nine weeks or return to his/her home school.

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