EOC Schedule for Fall 2016

If you have any of the following courses, YOU HAVE AN EOC! These are required and not optional. Your EOC counts 20% of your grade. If you do not take the EOC, you receive an INC on your grade and do not get credit for the course. You will take your EOC at the COA Lab located at 307 Cleveland Street in Ringgold unless you are given other instructions by your teacher.

Algebra I or ACC/H, Geometry or ACC/H
Physical Science or ACC/H, Biology or ACC/H
9th English or ACC/H, 11th English or ACC/H
US History or ACC/H/AP, Econ or AP Micro/AP Macro/H
You have your choice of test times but you MUST come at one of the following times:
8:00a, 2:00p or 4:00p
If you have any questions about testing dates or times contact your teacher IMMEDIATELY! Please schedule this around your classes in your home school. Taking an EOC at the COA lab is not considered an excused absence! In other words, do not skip class to take your EOC.
Monday, December 12th: ENGLISH (9th and 11th) NOTE: English is a 2 day EOC. You must attend both days!
Tuesday, December 13th: ENGLISH (9th and 11th)
Wednesday, December 14th: MATH (Algebra I and Geometry)
Friday, December 16th: SOCIAL STUDIES (US History and Economics)
Monday, December 19th: SCIENCE (Physical Science and Biology)



Science Lab Fall 2016 Information

Required for all high school Science students. Click here to access calendar and lab information.

 Labs will only be available during in weeks your subject is listed. Follow the appropriate link to schedule your lab time:

Week 1 - Physical Science/Biology - October 24-28

Week 2 - Chemistry/Physical Science - October 31-November 4

Week 3 - Physics/Physical Science - November 7-11

Week 4 - Earth Science/Environmental Science - November 14-18

Midterm Conferences Fall 2016
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Midterm Conferences October 17, 2016 - October 20, 2016 Midterm conferences are required for all students enrolled in a COA...

Teachers since we have Awards Day on Monday, May 23, and Seniors leave after their awards ceremony, their Final Exam Review Day...

RHS has set the deadline for senior course completions at Thursday, May 26th at 5:00pm.

Some of COA's brightest stars are a part of the Academic Decathlon team at LFO, coached by Lisa and Ian Beck, and they have...
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LFO Senior Activity Calendar

In early January 2016, APEX notified the Catoosa Online Academy that work done in classes using an iPhone or iPad may be lost....

About Apex Learning Founded in 1997, Apex Learning is the leading provider of blended and virtual learning solutions to the...
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In the first year of Catoosa County Online Academy, a pilot program to offer alternative technology-based high school courses,...
COA Staff and CCPS Board

The COA was featured in the Catoosa County News.  Thank you parents and students for supporting the COA!
COA in the Catoosa County News

The Catoosa Online Academy is in the news!  The COA is featured in the weekly edition of the Catoosa Community News from...
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APEX shared a video today that shows students how to write electronically on study sheets included in the APEX curriculum. ...